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6 Pieces of Concrete Furniture that Belong in Your Home

- Saturday, November 22, 2014

Concrete can be deceptively welcoming. Straying away from its cold and boring sidewalk and porch cousins, decorative concrete is a great way to spice up your home and recenter those common living spaces.

From seating to dining to working spaces, concrete furniture gives you near endless creative, functional, durable home furnishing options. Check out these six pieces of concrete home furniture that belong in your home:

Lounge Chairs

Fluid, sexy, and comfortable, concrete lounge chairs can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Like the glossy look of glazed tile? Want to highlight your love for natural wood objects? Custom stamping, texturing, acid washing, dying, and finishing jobs will let you achieve just the look you’re going for, no matter what room this chair will live in.

Formed using molds and a spray-casting technique, a concrete lounge chair can be created in a matter of hours.

Dining Tables

One of the most functional pieces in anyone’s home, outside of the couch, is the dining table. The table serves as a central gathering place for meals, game nights, and even work-from-home office space.

Bringing a concrete table into your home lets you upgrade one of your central common areas with a functional, durable, and beautiful piece of furniture.

From acid washing to custom staining and texturing, custom concrete dining tables can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms—you can design a piece that fits perfectly in your home and with your décor.

Entry Tables

Looking to bring in a functional piece of decorative concrete furniture but don’t want to make it in the centerpiece of your home? Concrete entry way tables give you the best of both worlds: functional enough to stand guard at the entrance yet decorative enough to class up any foyer.


Upgrade from your first-apartment standard cinder-block shelving unit with a concrete bookshelf. Deviating away from the flimsy particle board and cumbersome oak traditional designs, a concrete bookshelf is a great way to bring a functional focal point into your home.

Whether you’re upgrading the den, the living room, or even opting for open shelving in your kitchen, a concrete bookshelf is sturdy enough to handle heavy loads while looking sexy and modern at the same time.


Everyone deserves to have a usable workspace at home. Why not upgrade from your old wooden desk that you found on Craigslist to a concrete desk?

Versatile, functional, and gorgeous, concrete desks are fully customizable. Whether you want to marry the look of wood and concrete, prefer a glass top, or want to experiment with metal accents, a concrete desk can provide a workspace that you’ll look forward to coming home to.

From bridge desks to traditional design to a gamer’s command station, custom concrete desks have the work ethic you want in your home office.

Coffee Tables

From basic to storage-spaces to fire-pit-center, a concrete coffee table is the oft-forgot about living room center piece.

While wooden and glass tables tend to be the norm, a custom concrete coffee table pairs durability and style in a single design for your home.

Like the look of a sleek wooden table? With custom coloring and texturing available, you can achieve the look of gorgeous wood grain without having to yell “use a coaster!” every time someone sets a drink down.

Want to heat up your loft space or year-round sunroom? Take a look at designs that include a built-in fire pit. Perfect for evenings during any season, your concrete coffee table slash fire pit won’t warp or char from the heat. Added bonus, design a table with built-in storage space so you can stash away the s’mores supplies. 

Ready to upgrade your furniture? Request a quote today to see what Chicago Decorative Concrete can do for you. 


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