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Class Up Your Basement With Concrete

- Thursday, November 13, 2014

Concrete is a resilient, creative, and sustainable way to update your home.

Some basic concrete home accents include tables, entryways, and benches—all beautiful, simple, chic ways to give your home a unique touch. But what about your basement space? Your TV room, den, entertainment sanctuary?

Bringing decorative and functional concrete options in to your home can help tie the basement together or reinvigorate your interior design mojo.

Here are three ways that you can bring concrete into your sanctuary down below to give your décor a little update:

Wet Bar Counter

From a simple slab design to a textured piece, Chicago Decorative Concrete can help you design a customized bar top for that basement wet bar. Whether you’re trying to class up the joint for parties or are trying to erase that 70’s-era styling from your home, a concrete wet bar countertop is a simple, yet noticeable, way to change up the space without having to gut the whole room.

Don’t Carpet that Concrete Basement Floor

Concrete flooring doesn’t sound too appealing at first, but when you take a look at what Chicago Decorative Concrete can do to already-existing concrete spaces, you’ll be wondering just what you can lay down on that blank canvas downstairs.

From acid washing to staining to engraving, you have a near-infinite number of options when it comes to updating that existing, boring concrete floor.

Coffee Tables and TV Stands

Much like dining tables, a concrete coffee table or TV stand can help you make a central part of the room a functional art piece.

Concrete is durable, easy to care for, and forgiving, so you can stop flipping out about using coasters and putting  felt under the TV to protect wood.

Updating the game room? Chicago Decorative Concrete can custom-stencil or custom-etch your table to show off your sports loyalties. Have a multi-functional basement? Consider custom textures to help tie everything together, or, better yet, disrupt the space in a creative and functional way.

Ready to explore personalized options for your home? Request a quote to see what Chicago Decorative Concrete can bring to the table for you.  


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