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Common Concrete Misconceptions

- Friday, November 14, 2014

Concrete is a beautiful, reliable, durable way to add a bit of personality to your home or yard. But as amazing as this material can be, it’s often misunderstood as a bland, uninteresting home improver in favor of tile, stone masonry, and granite.

Here are five common misconceptions about concrete debunked and clarified:

1. Concrete is Expensive

False! Decorative concrete is much more affordable than it’s granite, tile, and stonework cousins. Where marble and granite countertops start at $140 per square foot, concrete work typically tops out at that price range.

Chicago Decorative Concrete creates custom quotes for each customer, meaning you get a custom job price, but rest assured it’ll fall far below the cost of finicky granite, tile, or marble work.

2. You Can’t Customize Concrete

Delightfully untrue. Decorative concrete gives you boundless options for customizing. Want a stonework walk way but can’t stomach the cost? Concrete can be stamped and customized to look like hand-laid stonework.

Love the idea of a lacquered wood bar top but want something sturdier? Concrete can be custom-colored, textured, and sealed so you can have the product you want in a hardier, more reliable material.

3. Granite Is Better For My Floors/Countertops/Patio

Maybe, but concrete can look just as nice if not better. With granite, you’re stuck with a pre-formed grain and color. With concrete, you can customize everything right down to the color. 

Granite, while pretty to look at, is sensitive to acidic foods, liquids, and hygiene products. Meaning it’ll pit over time as you use tomatoes, citrus fruits, face wash, wine, etc. Concrete won’t do that; in fact, with the proper sealant, concrete countertops, floors, and patios can last a lifetime.

4. Concrete Will Crack Over Time

True, but that can add to the personality of the piece. But if you’re really opposed to it, a microtopping, resinous, or epoxy topper can help eliminate cracks and give you an added touch of personality to your concrete piece.

5. Decorative Concrete Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Aside from getting your concrete piece or floor professionally sealed, concrete is actually super easy to take care of. Just wipe it down with a gentle cleaner and get on with your day. It’s that simple.

Interested in bringing the beauty of decorative concrete into your home? Request a quote today.


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