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Concrete Furniture: Not Your Basic Park Bench

- Friday, October 24, 2014

When you hear “concrete furniture,” you’re probably thinking of the immovable benches and tables you find at parks. The dingy, chipped, cracked, sad-looking grey stuff.

The truth is that concrete furniture is a wildly under-utilized concept, though an incredibly beautiful one. Weather, temperature, and stress resistant, concrete furniture is a unique way to finish off your patio or add to the interior of your home.

Chicago Decorative Concrete uses high-strength concrete mixes to create your products, giving you a high-quality, durable, and unique item that will last for decades.

From coffee tables to lounge chairs, decorative and chic concrete furniture options are at the disposal of your creativity. We’re only limited by the shape of our molds and even then Chicago Decorative Concrete can work with you to come up with a desirable product design.

Whether you’re looking to bring in some new pieces for the living room, man cave, or even if you’re just gathering ideas to give your patio an updated look, Chicago Decorative Concrete can help you mull over the options.

Worried about being stuck with a boring grey piece in your home or on your patio? Chicago Decorative Concrete has a wide range of dyes, stains, grits, sealers, and polishers available for you to choose from for your product.

Craving a little extra touch? One of the benefits of concrete products in your home is being able to customize it. Chicago Decorative Concrete can work with a variety of inlays, embedding, and even textures to fit your desired look or theme.

If you have existing concrete pieces, such as a bench or table, Chicago Decorative Concrete can help you transform it into a brand new product with the help of overlays.

Interested in talking over concrete furniture details for your home? Request a quote and we’ll talk with you about your ideas and our designs. 


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