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Bring Stamped Concrete Home this Summer

Chicago Concrete - Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bring Stamped Concrete Home this Summer

You can enjoy Christmas a little earlier this year: After all, it is July—why not splurge for a new look at your home and use “Christmas in July” as the reason for such a gift? A new stamped concrete patio or a stamped concrete walkway that features a stone pattern will make for an alluring entertainment space for the rest of your summer—and you’ll be more than ready for your Labor Day barbecue in a couple of months.

Stamped concrete, which arrived on the home improvement scene in the 1980s, is no longer cookie-cutter: Now, it can be customized to your home, creating a space that is both visually appealing and functional. Your walkway, driveway, courtyard or patio can resemble natural stone in a variety of patterns, shapes and hues.

Creating stamped concrete can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper experts handling the project. For instance, high concrete temperature may be an issue during the summer, along with low humidity, windy conditions and ambient heat. When not done properly, you easily can experience problems such as cracking and shrinkage. However, through the labor of the pros at Chicago Decorative Concrete, you are guaranteed to have a stellar concrete surface done correctly, thus lasting you not only this summer but also several summers and Labor Days to come.

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Improve Your Pool Surround with Custom Concrete

Chicago Concrete - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

You are looking forward to taking more dips in the pool this summer—especially during a family barbecue next month. You don your swimsuit and head out to the deck, ready to plunge your face into the pristine waters, but something else grabs your eyes instead. You can’t help but to be mesmerized by the cracked-up, pitted appearance of the concrete pool deck—something that is quite the opposite of your pool’s inviting presence. It’s about time for a concrete resurfacing, you say to yourself.

You couldn’t be more right. You may have been putting off trying to fix your pool deck for cost reasons, as completely replacing concrete indeed can be costly. However, with the help of Chicago Decorative Concrete, you can simply resurface your pool deck—a cost-effective alternative. In fact, you don’t have to stop at your pool deck: If your driveway, walkway or cement patio needs some attention, then we can help in these areas, too.

Resurfacing will quickly eradicate areas that feature surface imperfections, surface discoloration and cracks. You can even choose to stain or stencil the concrete to give it a boost in appearance—just in time for that next barbecue. Contact Chicago Decorative Concrete, a member of the Directory World
Home Improvement Directory, for your free estimate on your concrete resurfacing project today!

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Concrete Restoration Can Save Your Space

Chicago Concrete - Sunday, June 30, 2013

It’s summertime—which means it is an ideal time to get crackin’ at those cracks in your concrete flooring and start an overhaul that will make your home even more majestic this coming fall. However, the “dog days of summer” are here, which means that you have a license to be a little lazy. And that’s okay: Chicago Decorative Concrete Company will do your decorative concrete work for you quickly and easily, and flooring maintenance is a breeze—just like that breeze you’ll be longing for soon enough on a hot day.

What makes decorative concrete—such as a stand-out stamped concrete floor or an acid-stained concrete floor—unique from other flooring options is that is extremely easy to maintain. After all, you have better things to do. With a concrete floor, all you need to do is the usual—sweep, vacuum and mop as needed. Nothing special is necessary except for a little buffing, repolishing or cleaning periodically—and this really depends on the amount of foot traffic you have on your new floor. It also depends on how close your decorative concrete floor is to the outside.

Carpeting requires shampooing to maintain its cleanliness, while tile is hard to keep clean because it can break easily and also accumulates debris in the grout lines. Concrete flooring, on the other hand, keeps your hands free from labor-intensive maintenance so that you can enjoy your summer—and your fall, winter and spring, for that matter.

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Concrete Floors and Wall Options Mean Cleaner Air

Chicago Concrete - Friday, June 07, 2013

How easy are you breathing these days? Even if everything seems to be going perfectly in your life and you can breathe easy about your finances, your relationships and your job, for example, are you truly “breathing easy?” If you are walking on carpet instead of concrete, you likely are not—but with decorative concrete flooring and wall options, you can actually improve your quality of life in a way that you may have never expected.

Concrete flooring can actually protect you against poor indoor air quality, which often stems from the use of carpeting. For instance, carpeting and padding emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and this material also can harbor cleaning agents or even smoke, thus triggering allergy issues. Furthermore, moisture can result in mold- or mildew-health related problems, and dust mites and other allergens can have long-term negative health effects. Tile or wood flooring also are culprits regarding these issues.

On the contrary, a decorative concrete floor such as stained concrete or stamped concrete does not retain problematic moisture or allergens. Furthermore, you can even install radiant heating underneath this type of floor, thus preventing you from having to rely on heating and cooling systems that blow dust and other allergens around. With the help of Chicago Decorative Concrete Company, you can definitely breathe easier this summer.

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Equalize Temperatures and Save Money with Decorative Concrete

- Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don’t suck so much this summer—as in suck up all of your home’s energy, resulting in higher utility bills and a relatively disgruntled Mother Earth. Instead, spring for a new decorative concrete wall or vertical overlay, which not only makes your home or business more attractive to visitors but also is more attractive to you when bill time rolls around. Concrete features a “thermal mass” property, meaning that it can easily absorb, store and release cold and heat. This helps to regulate indoor temperature, thus preventing you from experiencing huge swings in temperature. Furthermore, your air conditioning and heating equipment will thank you years later, when it will still be functioning—at a time when it otherwise could have gone kaput due to unnecessary overuse. The “thermal mass” benefit is especially valuable in Chicagoland, where the temperature can swing from extremely cold in the winter to very high in the summer. In addition, up to 50% of thermal mass in a building is lost through the floors. With a concrete floor that is acid-stained—a service that Chicago Decorative Concrete Company offers, you can see a savings of up to 26% on your utility bills. Get in touch with Chicago Decorative Concrete Company for your free estimate on your concrete floor project today!

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