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Reinvigorate Your Home or Business with Existing Concrete Spaces

- Sunday, November 30, 2014

Did you know that you can upcycle and restore your existing concrete surfaces?

From flooring to mantles to countertops, you can rehab and refinish existing concrete to bring it up to your standards and needs.

Take your basement, for example. Under that ugly berber carpeting is a slab of concrete, a blank canvas just waiting for you to turn it into a unique landing, custom wetbar space, or even a hearth.

Here are just a few techniques that Chicago Decorative Concrete uses to re-customize existing in-home concrete:

Acid Washing

This evens out the color tones of your concrete, essentially scrubbing out stains and discolorations that you thought you were stuck with.

Think of concrete as a relatively porous material. Unsealed, or improperly sealed, it’ll soak up stuff over time, leading to unattractive discoloration and staining.

Acid washing clears all of that out, giving you a fresh, clean space that can be resealed so you can maintain that evenness.

Concrete Polishing

When you think of concrete, you probably think of the rough sidewalk surface before you think of smooth garage floors or countertops. We can polish your existing surfaces up to an ultra-fine 1,800 grit, giving you a super-smooth and glossy surface worth of any central room in your home.

Whether you’re restoring your bar top or are looking to incorporate concrete flooring into your home, a smooth, touchable surface is key in bringing out the natural hues, accenting dyes, and putting the finishing touch on your concrete.

Epoxies and Resinous Flooring

This is a great way to bring an updated look to your existing concrete. Using customizable coloring, epoxies and resins bring added safety, durability, slip resistance, and more to your existing concrete.

Refinishing, or laying down an epoxy or resin, is a cost-effective and unique way to beautify existing concrete flooring without feeling the need to throw a rug down on it.

Whether you’re looking to refinish, rehab, or reinvigorate your space, think about incorporating that existing concrete into your home or business. Got some ideas already? Request a quote to see what Chicago Decorative Concrete can do for you. 

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