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Small Concrete Pieces for the Home

- Monday, December 15, 2014

Bringing concrete into your home doesn’t always have to involve a large space or an entire room. There are plenty of concrete items that pair form and function into a smaller package.

From planters to lighting to a unique sink, functional concrete comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Check out these five custom concrete items that work perfectly with any décor:

Succulent Garden

Bring a little green into your home with these succulent planters. Easy enough to custom DIY, these little functional accent pieces will live happily on any windowsill or bookcase. Pair them up with a few candles for a unique centerpiece or

Light Fixtures

When you think of concrete, “lampshade” most definitely doesn’t come to mind. But with hanging fixtures, like these lamps, a concrete fixture can be just what you need to help focus the light and warm up your space.

Unique Sink

While you shouldn’t be leaving your faucet running forever, watching water spiral down this custom sink is mesmerizing. Who doesn’t want a customized sink in their home?

Votive Holders

Another easy DIYable project, votive holders can come in all shapes and sizes. These were made using waterballoons, but you can use materials like wood forms and cardboard to create your own custom design.

Like concrete light fixtures, these non-transparent forms will keep your light more focused and dim, providing you with a nice little non-invasive centerpiece or room accent.

Wall Art

This looks like something you might find in a pretentious Sims pre-fab house, but it opens the door to a lot of concrete wall art possibilities.

From stained slabs to ceramic-like sculpting, concrete wall art is an oft-under-used method for classing up your home and workspace. 

Table Top Pieces

From decorative servingware to centerpiece bowls, concrete accent pieces can put your old tablescapes to shame. 

Similar to porcelain- and raku-style pottery pieces, concrete can be molded into delicate bowls, platters, and chargers (perfect for that ultra-modern and chic tablescape you've been dreaming about). 

Check out what Chicago Decorative Concrete can do for your home and get in touch with us for a quote!


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