Concrete Products

We use only concrete products and formulations that have been tried and tested through years of service. Our suppliers are the best in the business, allowing us to deliver superior concrete work job after job. Request a quote and we'll help you make the choice that will deliver the best service level, finish and look for your home or commercial space.

CustomTech Flooring

From vapor transmission mitigation and moisture control to floor-leveling, patching and primers. CustomTech delivers some of the most dependable service, making it a great fit for high traffic and high demand surfaces. CustomTech Flooring is our go-to for jobs that demand high performance.

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Featuring multiple concrete products including self levelers, resin floor coatings and stamp-ready polymer concrete, Durameen is a must for any professional concrete operation's tool kit.

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CTS Cement

TRU Self Leveler by CTS cement is one of the fastest curing cements on the market. It not only sets floors straight, fast but has the density and PSI strength to dependably take a high polish.

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Hacker Industries

Specializing in floor underlayment and sound control systems, Hacker Industries delivers products that help deaden and mitigate sound, bring floors back to level and get them up to code quickly.

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Concrete Countertop Institute

A leader in the world of concrete countertops, CCI supplies some of the finest materials around for this high service, high strength concrete application. We're proud to use their materials.

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National Polymers

Offering polymers, paint chip flooring, epoxies, colorants and more, National Polymers helps us deliver the finish, color and texture that best suits your space.

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Specializing in color, Torginol offers aggregates, micas, flakes and even glitters, so no matter the look you want, we can transform your space with just the shade you need.

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Ozinga Concrete

One of the biggest concrete distributors in the Midwest, Ozinga has been providing quality ready mix concrete since 1928. Especially suited to driveways, patios and large slabs, we use Ozinga for quick, quality pours in both commercial and residential locations.

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