Concrete Restoration and Repair

From patching damaged interior and exterior decorative concrete to grinding and polishing existing slabs, we can restore your concrete to new condition. Below are a few of the services we offer. Contact us by filling out a quote form and we'll help you find the service that fits your space the best.

Concrete Restoration and Repair Services:

Concrete Cleaning - Acid and solvent based washes quickly pull stains and aggregate discoloration from your concrete, leading to even tones and a cleaner appearance.

Concrete Grinding - From restoring warehouse and commercial space to cleaning-up a new slab, we deliver precision grinding that can level, smooth and completely restore that old, worn slab.

Concrete Polishing - Using diamond polishing pads we’re able to polish your slab from 400 all the way up to ultra-fine 1,800 grit, delivering a lustrous and a smooth aggregate pattern.

Exterior Decorative Concrete Restoration - From patching to acid washing, staining to reconstruction, we can restore your decorative and architectural concrete work to like new condition.

Request a quote, and we'll walk you through all of your concrete restoration and repair options.