Concrete Underlayment and Sound Proofing

We cover substrates from wood, corrugated steel and pre-existing concrete slabs to improve sound attenuation, increase fire-ratings and re-level uneven surfaces. Whether you're upgrading a home or need to bring your commercial space up to code, our underlayment and sound proofing services have you covered.

Multiple Formulations

Offering services in both gypsum based and hydraulic cements, we cover a wide range of strength ratings, from 1,200-5,500 PSI, so depending on your application, we’ll deliver the mix that best suits the use, location and substrate.

Concrete Sound Mats

We use Hacker Industries sound mats to further increase sound-deadening and reduce impact noise. Hacker’s wide range of mats gives us the perfect fit for your location and service level, so from commercial to single and multifamily residences, we can cut down on sound transmission, while delivering an even floor that meets your needs.

Request a quote and we’ll walk you through the concrete sound proofing and underlayment options to find you the best fit for your home or business.