Custom Interior Concrete Floors

Custom interior concrete floors deliver a wide array of styles and options in both commercial and residential spaces. When properly sealed, these floors provide decades of service with very little maintenance at a lower cost per square foot than many other choices.

If you have a pre-existing slab, there are many cost effective treatments and finishes we can apply that will add a whole new look and feel to your space.

New Concrete Installation: From planning to laying out to pouring and finishing, decades of experience means we’ll lay the perfect slab for the den, shop, office or commercial space.


Concrete Treatments and Finishes

Concrete Acid Washing: A popular treatment for new and old concrete alike, an acid wash uses a mixture of muriatic acid and water to etch away milky white deposits from exposed aggregates and pull stains from old concrete, helping even out bright spots and create a blended, balanced look.

Concrete Staining: Another popular choice, concrete staining utilizes the power of hydrocholoric acid to help stains penetrate the concrete surface and deposit their color evenly across the slab. This treatment very quickly creates a deep, rich tone and even color making it a very effective way to transform a room.

Concrete Overlays: With the addition of a thin layer of polymer concrete to either a new or old slab, an overlay enables you to completely transform the surface with a variety of finishes.

Stamping: Polymeric concrete shaped, colored and stamped produces an array of textures from wood, to stone, masonry and tile. When combined with the right stain, this finish delivers the realistic look of a wide range of materials, but has the low cost, low maintenance and high endurance of concrete.

Stencils: From team logos to ornate designs we can replicate nearly any design in concrete with stains, dyes, etching paste or paints. We lock it in with sealer and can even cover it with resin, so your design lasts a lifetime.

Engraving: Perfect for commemorating special events and locking your company’s name into stone, we use precision equipment to cut a wide range of designs in a variety of of locations.

A wide range of concrete finishes are available, including epoxy and resin. Find out what we can do for your location, request a quote.